Our professional staff bring the specialized skills and knowledge needed to advance our mission.

Marlo Campbell; Senior Advisor, Communications

Background: Journalism, sales, management, creative writing.

Skills: Communicating with diverse groups of people, storytelling, translating complex ideas, relationship building, talking to strangers.

Personal connection to Lake Winnipeg: “I was first introduced to cabin life on the east side of the lake in the late 90s. To me, Lake Winnipeg is synonymous with family fun: beach days, waterskiing, drinks on the deck, Yahtzee games – and 20 people sharing one bathroom.”

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Karl Friesen-Hughes; Field & Data Technician

Background: M.Sc. from the University of Winnipeg; experience in water quality, nutrient cycling and climate change.

Skills: Field work and laboratory analysis; data management, analysis and visualization; scientific research and collaboration.

Personal connection to Lake Winnipeg: “Each year, my family and I rent a cabin for a week at Sunset Beach. It is my favourite time of the year. I have also been fortunate enough to go up and spend time at other people's cabins over the years. As long as I can hear the waves rolling in, I’m in my happy place.”

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Claire Harvey, Program Coordinator

Background: Bachelor in Environmental Studies; currently pursuing an Masters in Fisheries and Aquatic Science online from the University of Florida. Experience in water quality and ecosystem/restoration management.

Skills: Field sampling, project coordination, data entry and management, community outreach.

Favourite thing to do on/around Lake Winnipeg: “I love spending time with friends at the beach, going hiking and camping!”

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Michelle Jordan; Finance & HR Administrator

Background: Originally from the Philippines; bachelor’s degree in Commerce with a major in Management; accounting training from Red River College; more than a decade of experience in finance and administrative management, human resources and payroll; kids’ Sunday School teacher

Skills: Financial analysis, budget planning, organizational management; a developer and includer

Favourite thing to do on/around Lake Winnipeg: “I love to go biking, camping, and hiking with family and friends.”

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Alexis Kanu; Executive Director

Background: A PhD in Environmental Science from the University of Manitoba; experience working with diverse organizations in the non-profit and community development sectors; life-long lake lover.

Skills: Government relations, strategic planning, organizational development, proposal writing, community outreach.

Favourite thing to do on/around Lake Winnipeg: “I love exploring new hiking trails with my kids, and spending time with family and friends at the beach.”

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Kanak Kulhari; Community Engagement Coordinator

Background: Originally from India, came to Canada in 2019; Bachelor of Environmental Studies from the University of Manitoba; current board director at the West Broadway Community Organization.

Skills: Effective communication, building strong relationships, creative problem-solving.

Favourite thing to do on/around Lake Winnipeg: “I enjoy swimming in the lake, relaxing on the beach and spending time with friends and family.”

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Chelsea Lobson; Programs Director

Background: M.Sc. from the University of Manitoba; experience in freshwater ecology and working on large collaborative projects.

Skills: Communicating scientific results to a wide range of audiences, project co-ordination, engaging youth through science.

Personal connection to Lake Winnipeg: "Growing up, my grandparents had a cottage in Matlock. We would spend our days at Ralph Beach where I loved swimming, building sand castles and walking to the Salamonia Channel."

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Anna Netsvetayeva; Donor & IT Administrator

Background: M.Sc. in Math; more than 10 years of experience in database analysis and IT administration.

Skills: Database design, development and management, technical support; a detail-oriented problem-solver.

Favourite thing to do on/around Lake Winnipeg: “I love spending time with my family at the beach. Watching the reflection of the sunset in the waves and feeling the fresh breeze recharges me with new energy.”

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